2. modern classic.

  3. Alright, first off I want to apologize to Mac Miller. I wrote this album for a couple of reasons.

    1. Didn’t like his previous work. Yes, that includes K.I.D.S. His music was just wack to me.

    2. Didn’t (and still don’t) see him as what I think of as a good rapper.

    3. That album cover is terrible fam. Straight up. Cover is ass.

    4. Every time I would try and listen to Mac Miller, all I could hear is Big Ghost’s countless jokes in my head.

    "If Hobbits rapped this is what they shit would sound like. I cant believe niggas actually listen to this toothpaste niggas music yo. Forreal forreal. This dude wrestles kittens yo. Son probably owns a giga pet namsayin. If you slapped this dude it would probably sound like glass breakin. Son celebrated when the wicked witch got the house dropped on her b. Son probably lives in a mushshroom or some shit. Somebody needs to pour this milk dud midget muthafucka back into his Aveeno bottle n throw that shit into the ocean."

    Lmao. You can’t come back from that. BUT with all that said, this was a great album. What makes this good (to me anyways) is that it is an overall cohesive sounding project. The production is on point, and the raps aren’t bad. I’m noticing more and more that today’s hip-hop acts aren’t so much about being great rappers but putting together albums that just sound good. Sorry Mac.

    It wasn’t fair of me to write the album off like that, but hey, what can you do?

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  10. Best Albums of 2013! (Sorry Wale)

    1. Mayer Hawthorne – Where Do this Door Go
    2. Janelle Monae – The Electric Lady
    3. Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels
    4. Daft Punk – Random Access Memories
    5. Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City
    6. Black Milk – No Poison, No Paradise
    7. The Internet – Feel Good
    8. Bad Rabbits – American Love
    9. @Peace – Girl Songs
    10. ASAP Rocky – LongLiveA$AP
    11. Thundercat – Apocalypse
    12. Volcano Choir – Repave
    13. Denitia & Sene – His & Hers
    14. Zigg Zag – As If It were My Last
    15. Rhye – Woman
    16. Boldy James – My 1st Chemistry Set
    17. JMSN – Pillaje (Production is crazy)
    18. Sango – North
    19. Blue Sky Black Death – Glaciers (Production is amazing)
    20. Terrace Martin – 3ChordFold
    21. Quadron – Avalanche
    22. Gucci Mane – Trap God 2 (FIGHT ME)
    23. Bilal – A Love Surreal
    24. Portugal. The Man – Evil Friends
    25. Pusha T – My Name is My Name

    Honorable Mentions:

    Danny Brown – Old

    Laura Marling – Once I Was A Eagle

    CharlieRED – MUSE.

    Chris Turner – LoveLife Is A Challenge

    Overdoz – Boom

    Jared Evan & Statik Selektah – Boom Bap & Blues

    Built To Fade – To Dust


  11. Is This Normal?

    It seems like the more I listen to other genres of music, the less I…don’t know the word I’m looking for…respect (?) 90% of the hip-hop acts doing it now. Just listening to how instruments are composed and arranged, vocal talents from other artists and then you listen to rap, it’s really just poetry on an instrumental*. Is this normal? To be clear, I’m not saying other genres make better music than hip-hop, I’m just saying rap takes the least amount talent to create music. 

    *This doesn’t apply to every rapper everywhere, but most.


    4 or 5 dudes mastering their respective crafts creatively over a record trumps some simple nigga rhyming over a 3 second loop of that same song usually about 7 times out of 10.

    Truth is, like most things in the world, some ideas are better than others and some methods innately produce better results. Even some Hip Hop artists sense this; why do you think Kanye West tries so hard to get praise concerning his music? Why even attempt a record like Yeezus? Because at the end of the day deep down he knows sampling “Strange Fruit” ain’t as legitimate as the original recording and he’s thirsty for that level of recognition but unable to achieve it within the limited boundaries of Hip Hop, so he has invoke themes usually reserved for other genres of music (minimalism). It’s the same reason he ran to Jon Brion for “Late Registration” instead of one of his peers.

    Reply 2:

    I think hip-hop takes just as much skill but just differently. Everyone acts as if rapping is so easy but to find that balance of flow/hook/lyrics/persona/etc can be harder. Especially the rappers that have lasted more than a few years. The shelf life of most hip-hop artists seems to be small, so to me that adds an element to hip-hop that makes it more difficult. 


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  12. On The Subject of “Would You Hit a Woman?”

    I let my girl know from day one you put hands or anything on me expect it back. I had to snatch a cord out my stereo and choke my boy girl out in an alley once because she got uppity.. had to put the same bitch threw the new releases at blockbuster. Ain’t never been about that shit.. expect what you give.

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  13. Do We Work To Live?

    Or do we live to work? Think about it.

    My mind is wandering right now and I’m getting deep here but I’m thinking about jobs and employment and the overall paper chase of life. Why do we work?

    I work to put food on my table and make sure I have a covering over my head and the other things I need or want in life.

    So why then, do I…or we, allow our entire lives then to be governed by our employment. We’ve been trained to see past the important.

    When you were a kid, people used to ask you “what do you want to be when you grow up?” That right there was the beginnings of your programming, it was letting you know that in the coming years who you were as an individual was going to be defined by the work you did for someone else.

    I got friends who are working jobs that require so much more from them than they ever get back in return but the attitude is like “this is how it’s supposed to be”. Parents got kids they never see because a job is taking more from them than it’s giving; it’s not even an equal exchange

    Everything is for the benefit of the infrastructure but what are we really working towards? The grave?

    I don’t know, it’s just something to think about as I watch people literally become slaves for a dollar that they never really even get to enjoy. I see the point in hustling for a giant house if I’m only there a few hours a day. I don’t see the point in hustling for season tickets to an arena I might be able to sit in twice that year. We’ve been trained to be content with the idea of things, but not the actual possession of it.

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  14. Biggest Losers In Television: Billy The Blue Ranger


    Billy the Blue Ranger aka the one NOBODY wanted to be when you played Power Rangers on the playground aka the only one out there trying to fight the Putties in a jean jump suit. The only way you ended up as Billy was if you was frail and had glasses. THIS CAT DIDN’T EVEN KNOW MARTIAL ARTS when he was chosen, Jason (a real nigga) had to train him. 


    You 36 in a Karate class?

    Now Power Rangers without Billy was swagged on about one hundred thousand trillion. The Power Rangers without Billy was a group of good looking teenagers riding around Angel Grove on some cosmic Dazed and Confused type illin’.

    Billy got and deserved no respect. Billy was best friends with Kimberly; Billy could have had them draws. Instead he let my man Tommy come through; the same cat that halfway killed everybody 2 weeks prior is holding hands with ol girl. I have no idea why they kept this guy around for as long as they did. Remember that car he rigged up when they couldn’t teleport:


    Are We Serious Right Now?

    Take a look at the rangers individual Zords. Jason had a T-Rex, come on you can’t go wrong with that. Zach had the mighty mastodon and Trini the “sabahtooh tygah”. Kimberly was on some Tom Cruise “Top Gun” steeze in the sky, so SURELY Billy had something wild and crazy right? WRONG. This idiot is out there in a Triceratops on wheels…he the only one.

    Eventually, somebody tried to assassinate Zordon and blow his crib up so he posse’d up and handed the goons new powers based on the Zeo Crystal…everybody except YOU GUESSED IT: Billy. Now Billy, being utterly useless in the intergalactic battle of good vs evil could have went to Harvard…maybe joined the United Nations…but nah…that makes too much sense. Billy decided to live in their converted bomb shelter as a companion to a robot and some nigga trapped in a fish tank.

    Billy…for being so heartless, gutless and weak you are officially The Biggest Loser in Television

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  15. Grimey Hip-Hop Production

    This beat is stupid dope although I think this album was mediocre, and Reks is capable of much more…this song is great and this beat hard. Chewbacca face ugly rap.

    What do you think of the album? What are some grimey songs you like?